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For Rental Driver

As the name suggests is designed for fixed-term jobs is a service that can meet your needs in this category periodic driver and you want us to solutions can ight . Whether you want your company vehicles in the short or long term projects such as the transportation of oil and oil filter in the services you want or own their own vehicles can easily use the transfer . In this sense, the country’s most comprehensive chauffeur hire service we are proud to offer you this service so there which kategorli Let us list them .

Short-term driver needs : In this category , perhaps your license heed Have you and your life, disrupting the flow You do not want us certain hours home from work to work from home as or more extensive hours of the opening day from our service, your own private chauffeur taste can take advantage of .

Medium-term driver needs : In this category your company’s specific projects chauffeur me did you need to call us your solution Let’s give our professional team will provide you with all the driver and the driver needs we karşılayalım you jobs facilitates driver search from the stress Let’s get the desired service offering the .

Your guests will be met and farewell : This category formal or special guestscome gidicek to meet the needs but vaktinizm do not call us your vehicle us with your guests karşılayalım according to your request havaaal launch a select hotel or venue maybe your house , maybe your workplace and even business requirement drizzle to places we take let’s get you further continue your when the desired chauffeur service we can hook your guests with the best service facilities .

Car transplantation : Maybe commercial for your business , maybe a special purpose vehicle you have , and urban or suburban transfer out need to call us the address you want your vehicle to us, let alone you this torment Let’s save or desired address to the handover delivered to you let you , so you both time and the trouble we save .

Special services for your loved ones : In this category , our customers often their parents or elderly family members with their own vehicle or by himself with the tool include transplant . As you know the long road driving quite difficult and troublesome , and you put it, do not have time to call us on your behalf that service them we can hook 24/7 all over the country or all over your loved ones can deliver both you and them the trouble and suffering we save both your budget without burdening reasonably let’s give this service call charges, ögrenin references acquainted with our country ‘s most comprehensive chauffeur hire service .

On the other hand, Shopping Malls for Valet Parking Services emulating the prepared invitations , meetings, ceremonies, and activities such as for relying To welcome the guests routing valet parking service restaurant and café parking editing services you can think of all private chauffeur service for us 24/7 with confidence you can call.
One can get any time of day call and Services Services At your service with 3 years experience and are trained Our drivers . We are Motor Valet Service , especially in Istanbul in many cities across the country are proud to serve .
Did you go with dostance my Eğlenmeye Call us Safest and Most Clean Motor Valet Service We ‘ll present .
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